What will Trump do in a second term? His agenda is clear. Just look around.

He will take away your social security and medicare.

He will end health insurance for those who cannot pay. Preexisting conditions will no longer be covered.

He will let you die of Covid-19 until there is a cure. Even then, he won’t mandate the vaccine. He won’t order masks or testing or contact tracing that have helped every other country mitigate the infections and deaths. Don’t be surprised if one-half million die by the end of 2021 in a second Trump term.

Schools will be forced to close. Restaurants, movie theaters, and churches will be shut again until the pandemic is under control.

Trump will do away with programs for the poor, the hungry, those without shelter or clothes.

The children sitting in cages or behind fences at our borders will never be reunited with their parents.

He will take your tax dollars to enrich himself, not you. He will strong arm foreign leaders to enrich himself, not you. Those who seek favor will stay in his hotels, support dubious deals and grant Ivanka patents. He will gladly hawk garbanzo beans and MyPillow from the Oval Office.

The working class will not recover. Farms and industry will continue to go bankrupt in the face of Trump’s tariffs.

Unemployment will rise to Great Depression levels. States will go bankrupt, unable to pay benefits. Homes will go into foreclosure. Tenants will face eviction. The homeless population will surge.

Trump will bankrupt the nation as he has his businesses. He has said he will then seek loan forgiveness from nations to whom we are indebted. China won’t pay to play. Even our great grandchildren will not be able to pay back the future Trump has mortgaged by adding trillions of dollars to our national debt.

Bridges will collapse. Dams will fail. The infrastructure will crumble with neglect.

He will support air and water pollution. The withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords will take effect. He will ignore science that predicts a world catastrophe unless we take pollution seriously. Oil rigs will pop up in our national parks.

The “once in one hundred years” hurricanes, floods and fires will be routine. Trump will send aid to red states and ignore blue states, for he is not a President for all Americans. He may throw paper towels to help Puerto Ricans mop up, while suggesting that he would rather sell the American island to the highest bidder.

Black people will continue to be shot. Guns will proliferate. The KKK and militias will terrorize a nation as Trump celebrates them as very good people.

He will send in unnamed federal agents to suppress protests and silence any dissent. He will use tear gas and rubber bullets, and pluck innocent Americans off the streets and into unmarked vans.

He will promote a Christian nation while he uses the church as a prop. Those who profess any other faith will find their religious freedom denied.

Trump will break the law and get away with it. So will his appointees. So will his friends. He will grant them pardons, commute their sentences or order Barr to drop the case.

Trump will be impeached again. Trump will not testify. Trump will prevent officials from testifying or providing documentation. The Senate Republicans will acquit, again. Trump will retaliate against those who warn against his lawlessness.

Congress will try to restore the guardrails of our democracy. The Republicans will allow fascism to fester.

Trump will appoint young, inexperienced, ideological white male judges to the bench, subverting the constitution.

His judicial appointees will assure that cases of sexual assault resolve in favor of the culprit. Corruption will be justified if committed by those who obey Trump.

Trump will support the purge of voter rolls. States will disenfranchise. He will make 2021 redistricting partisan to protect himself and his Congressional friends. He will erode confidence in our elections.

Americans will continue to be banned by other countries.

Russia’s power will grow. Trump won’t question their placing bounties on US soldiers or their poisoning of dissidents or their interference in US elections. He will not object if they invade neighboring countries or take over US air bases in the Middle East. Trump has told Putin he’s a very big fan.

China’s power will grow as containment fails.

Trump will continue to reveal classified information for our enemies to see. He will grant security clearances to those who would not otherwise qualify. He will ignore our intelligence agencies and disrespect our generals.

Trump will encourage an arms race as the US ramps up arms sales to countries in Middle East. He has no problem with a nuclear Saudi Arabia. He has allowed nuclear treaties with Russia to lapse. He’s pulled out of the multilateral treaty with Iran that prevents their nuclear arms ambitions.

Maybe he will bomb Iran or North Korea. Trump likes fire and fury. Pompeo believes in the rapture, so end times are welcomed. The U.S. will no longer broker peace or cooperate in the international institutions we helped establish and lead after World War II.

Trump will continue to be a quack, suggesting hurricanes can be stopped by a nuclear bomb, injecting bleach will rid us of the plague, and windmills cause cancer.

Americans will suffer greatly during a Trump second term. And, he will take no responsibility at all. It is what it is. That is Trump’s agenda.

C. Dixon Osburn is a noted advocate for domestic and international human rights and security.

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